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NEW! Cookbook Vol. II

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11/3/2022: This book has been so unexpectedly popular that I've had to start producing a second run. Please order with confidence, but know it will take one extra week to ship. 

Fifteen years in the making! This follow-up to the original Achewood Cookbook features twenty-five recipes, multiple interwoven stories, and the first new character writing in several years. Rich with both entertaining narrative and higher-end techniques, this will be an engrossing read, as well as a boon kitchen companion which adds distinction to your repertoire. 

Actually-excellent recipes include: Ray's "Chimichurri," Ray & Beef's "The Buh-Jayjay Sandwich," Pat's "Carbohydrate-Free Chocolate Mousse" (genuinely delicious to non-Pat people), Roast Beef's "Smoked, Ginger-glazed Coriander and White Pepper Wings," and multiple recipes from Nice Pete's troubled Southern past. 

These recipes are a mix of beginner and intermediate techniques. Many are significantly more robust and rewarding than the challenges of the first cookbook.   

In order to offer these books again, I invested in all the professional-grade printing, trimming, and binding equipment, and I make them by hand, one at a time, with my son. They are crisp, sharp, and chock-full of right angles.  

This book is 46 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", spiral bound (to lay flat during use), with protective front and back covers, to keep the material safe from the horrors of the kitchen.  

A personal note: This book was originally intended for release in 2010, but the whisker's width of a near-fatal ending to the "drinking chapter" of my life led to its agonizing and haunting postponement. Its appearance here, and at this level of quality, is a deeply healing personal victory. If you were disappointed by the slow-motion crash-and-burn of the first attempted release, I sincerely apologize. But you will like this version much, much better, as I no longer use vodka to move my pen around.