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Achewood "show bible" w/production sketch

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This copy of the book comes with a unique sketchbook tear-out I made for the producers, of the “Kermit the frog master memory challenge” scene. 

A few years back, I worked with some fancy Hollywood people and some Russian computer programmer geniuses who wrote some MoCap middleware they wanted to test out, and we made a reel of Achewood animated shorts (which you can find on YouTube somewhere). We shopped it pretty hard and though it never sold, the experience was extraordinary. This is the "bible" (aka pitch deck) with which we shopped the show. Twenty-four pages of character bios, premises of the shorts, production notes, etc. Yes, the guys in the MoCap suits in the photo were doing the "Beef delivers the Kermit The Frog Mega Memory Challenge" bit. A must for any Achewood completist. Signed on title page (see pics).