Zine - Man Why You Even Got To Do A Thing #1

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When Roast Beef re-launched his old high school 'zine _The_Private_Eye_ as MAN WHY YOU EVEN GOT TO DO A THING in his grown-up years, the world took notice. Not a lot of notice, but the guy at the copy shop sort of noticed when he was ringing Beef up for this issue. Features include IT PAYS TO HAVE WORD ABILITY, two interviews with Ray, and METAL CHEF, wherein Teodor and Lyle compete in an Iron Chef-style dealie. Along with tons more, of course. There are basically none of this issue any more. This copy is in 99% mint shape. 24pp, chock full of Roast Beef's signature vinegar and private edge. Penned under his nom de plume Ed E. Haskell. We have a very limited number of these, and when they're gone, they're gone for good!