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Zine - Man Why You Even Got To Do A Thing #2, The SEX Issue!

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This issue is not for the mature at heart, or, like, prudes or sophisticated people. There is no actual nudity though, so you can openly read it at a company meeting, as long as you hide the huge word SEX on the cover with your thumb. Features include How to Please a Woman in Every Way (Smuckles), An Interview With Peter H. "Nice Pete" Cropes (Roast Beef), and Erotic Fiction (short eroto-teric) story by Roast Beef), and many, many more. 24pp, chock full of Roast Beef's signature vinegar and private edge. Penned under his nom de plume Ed E. "Steam Keys" Haskell. 
This is a 2021 reissue of the original 'zine, printed on white stock.